And so it goes…TK music for FREE ( All of it )

For my own personal reasons, all of my music ( past, present and future ) will be offered to you, for FREE. If you go here TK’s Music you will find mp3s and artwork for the existing albums. Download, share, post on torrents, I don’t care. Just do me a favor, LISTEN. Don’t scan and […]

Pre-Order Stuff & Things Now!

I am not one to describe my own work nor am I one to “sell” it to you so I have asked a friend to give it a listen and be honest with his initial thoughts and I will post it to my website. My dear friend just happens to be a gifted writer 🙂 […]

Keep diggin’, you’ll find it.

Welcome to the official Tim Kelley website. Feel free to groove on the tunes, photos, latest blogs and videos. Sign up on the mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming TK stuff & things.

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TK’s Music

Harmonies abound, transitions shift, and genres blend in Tim Kelley’s music. Here you may find Brian Wilson harmonies chased by Simon & Garfunkel duet wrapped in Harry Connick Jr. tonalities. Behind the notes you’ll find the idealism that music can save your soul; that every experience is worth keeping, however painful, that redemption lies just […]

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Older & Wiser?

TK’s Debut album was released 3/20/2009. You can buy the CD off of CD Baby or download songs from iTunes,, Rhapsody etc. It was given a 5 star review by CD Baby and featured on the front page for a full day. You can find the CD, mp3s and the reviews here at CD […]

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Beauty in the Flaws – Now Available!

I like to think that most people have some level of introspection. The ability to look back at one’s self and learn and even laugh at the mistakes is all part of growing up. I would also like to think that I am not alone in that some memories carry such hurt and burden that […]

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Where’s TK?

I have spent many, many, many hours ( like all artists ) setting up social network sites, submitting my music to music stores, web radio and designing merchandise. Even though every post I make I put a link to my website, I still get asked “Where can I find your stuff?” 🙂 So I decided […]

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