Water drop photos

Back in 2009 ( wow ), I decided to try my hand at capturing water in motion. Through trial and error and a ridiculous setup, I think I got some groovy shots. Here are some of the results.

This first one was before I added colored paper or fabric.




Here’s when I added the green construction paper

In order to get these, I used a ladder, chair, fabric, wrenches, compact disk, construction paper, Pyrex dish, soft box light on tripod, a white lighting flash with umbrella, my camera with shutter release cable and a Kroger bag with water in it with a pinhole.

The green construction paper added a solid color to some of the shots. The wrenches were there because the damn paper kept floating and moving around and I needed something to weight it down on the edges outside of the shot. On the more color filled shots with reds, greens and blues, I laid a music CD with the bottom facing up and that caused all kinds of coolness. The tiny pinhole allowed for me to get a rhythm going. At first it came out aggressively but one the weight of the water settled and some of it drained, it trickled down to a steady drip every few seconds which was perfect. I could watch the drop building and hanging and time the flash using a cable release trigger.

It was a fun setup and I enjoyed figuring it out. Thought I would share. Enjoy.