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Chaka Khan & the Bee Gees had a child & Chuck Norris kicked that kid in the head. That kid is me. ~ Animal Lover, Songwriter, Photographer, Gardener, Demander of Funk...

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Photo shoot with one of my honey bees

This morning, while still cool out, I found one of my honey bees hanging out on my barn. It was still too cool for…

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Hive inspection and a new queen

My left hive was without a queen so I bought another one. This first video is 2 days after I added her to the…

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So far so good!

About a month ago I added some quick covers to my raised beds for a fall garden and despite temperatures in the 20s and…

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Fall gardening – 3rd bed covered.

This morning I finished covering my 3rd raised bed with the quick makeshift greenhouse system I started last week. So far, the seeds I…

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The good, the bad and the covered

The good, the bad Year one of my beekeeping adventures turned out successful in that I failed. “Success is stumbling from failure to failure…

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A fallen friend

Yesterday I received news that a good friend of mine is no longer with us. This hit me like a ton of bricks for…

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Getting caught up

I have had a full year of bee keeping in 2018 and posted many videos to Facebook. Since I am starting to update my…

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Website Facelift. More stuff & things

Those of you that have followed me, followed my music and still around, I applaud you. I’m very thankful. You have noticed that my…

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Getting ready for fall gardening

I am getting my raised beds ready for some fall gardening. Since this is my first year with these beds, I have some work…

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And so it goes…TK music for FREE ( All of it )

For my own personal reasons, all of my music ( past, present and future ) will be offered to you, for FREE. If you…

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Pre-Order Stuff & Things Now!

I am not one to describe my own work nor am I one to “sell” it to you so I have asked a friend…

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It’s been awhile and I’ve missed you…

I could go into long, in-depth detail as to why I have been absent for so long. I could try to write out my…

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